Our Zero Waste Future (OZWF)

Our Zero Waste Future (OZWF) was founded by Dante Swinton, a product of Johns Hopkins’ Social Innovation Lab (SIL) and a member of the 2022 Innovation Works cohort. Swinton also founded GRASS, a for-profit social enterprise working to reduce Baltimore’s dependence on the BRESCO incinerator through a glass/waste
cooperative that diverts this waste stream through restaurant-based glass recycling collection and residential drop-off points. Swinton subsequently formed the complementary nonprofit OZWF to promote awareness of the value of discarded materials by encouraging zero waste behaviors and facilitating thriving communities through cooperative business development. OZWF’s vision is a zero-waste economy powered by hundreds of new cooperatives across the country that localize material recovery and minimize our carbon footprint. This grant provided core operating support.

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